Monday, September 17, 2007

Thames Festival - Saturday

Also this weekend, we went to the Thames Festival, the annual end-of-summer festival in London. It was fun, and huge. Saturday evening we went to "Feast on the Bridge," where Southwark Bridge is transformed into a series of restaurants with themed areas, so the Indian place set up a Bollywood film set, the smoothie vendor (pictured) set up a beach, etc. There were tons of street performers, including a terrific juggler, skateboarders, and musicians, and, naturally, lots of shopping. The festival stretches all along the south bank of the Thames. Saturday night we saw a performance by Transe Express called "Maudits Sonnants" or "Celestial Carillon". It is an 8 piece percussion band accompanied by 3 trapeze artists, all suspended on a sort of chandelier by a crane. Very strange, but also beautiful and lots of fun to watch.

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