Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Historic preservation circa 1689

Hampton Court Palace was a Tudor palace (1st picture). When William and Mary became co-monarchs in 1689, they commissioned Christopher Wren to rebuild the Palace. Then, as now, public works projects are underfunded, so he was only able to rebuild part of the palace. What is most interesting is how the Wren-designed baroque portion is tacked on to the much older Tudor portion (2nd & 3rd pictures). Not much concern for compatibility! The fourth picture is of one of the Wren facades and the last picture is of some of the Tudor chimneys, just because I like them.

Wren is, of course, most known for building St. Paul's Cathedral in London. This was built after the great fire of London (1666), which destroyed the medieval version of the cathedral. Wren had proposed before the fire that the old cathedral be torn down so that he could design a new and improved version.

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John Ray said...

Hello Diane! Wonderful photos and information from your interesting days. Abbey is growing so fast!! I'm quite envious of all of your beautiful stops along the way, not to mention the great diversity of your fellow students. You're making me feel like an old fuddy-duddy for still being here in Michigan. Stay safe and keep on having fun.