Monday, September 17, 2007

Open House London - Royal Courts of Justice

This weekend was Open House London - a weekend in which 660 properties were open to the public for free tours. The goal of the event is to demonstrate good design, old and new. There were lots of older Londoners in comfortable walking shoes and it was a gorgeous weekend for it - sunny and 70s. We managed to go to 3 of the tours - I'll include each in a separate post. The first was the Royal Courts of Justice. This is a Victorian building (late 19th century) in the neo-Gothic style. It has 19 courtrooms in which judges (usually panels of 3) hear civil cases and also criminal appeals. Unfortunately they don't allow photography in the courtrooms, but they are beautiful. They had mock trials and robing demonstrations (this is a big deal because as of the first of the year they are modernizing judicial garb). We were even able to tour the cells and the transport van (also no photos). The last photo is of the "Bear Garden" where attorneys meet with their clients.

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