Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The final week!

We are getting close to our return date and so have been very busy with packing up the apartment, getting rid of lots of stuff, doing some last-minute tourism and saying goodbye to friends here. A few things we've done in the last week:

The Roman Ship museum in Mainz. In the foreground are some of the 1700-year-old bits of ship they found in the Rhine River. In the background is a model of what the ship would have looked like. Really, who needs more? I'll admit that I didn't, but we also heard second-hand about someone for whom this museum was the high point of their trip to Germany. We don't want our blog reader(s) to feel left out. On the day we rented a van to return borrowed furniture we had some extra time so went to Bad Muenster and had a really nice couple of hours there. The Nahe River is there, and we saw this swan, ducks, a cormorant, and a heron carrying an eel. The area is beautiful. Today we went briefly to the Garden Show at Bingen. I'd underestimated it -it lasts for six months and has amazing plants as well as infrastructure built especially for it, like this playground, a skateboard park, and bridges. This is one of the things Abby is going to miss most about her school - the pottery workshop. We get to figure out how to pack the pottery for the trip home! (This isn't all hers!)

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