Friday, June 6, 2008

Unfurnishing the flat

All that furniture collected back in December? It's got to go now! And we're learning why there's so much furniture on the streets - it's hard to get rid of! So far we've tried the classifieds (sold the washing machine), Ebay (sold the bed and the shoe cabinet) and a garage sale (sold one wardrobe, the television, and some other stuff, but not a lot). On Monday we're returning stuff generously loaned by our friends and on Tuesday a charity is coming to see what they want, followed by a used furniture dealer. Then, what's left, we'll put on the street like everyone else does! We've actually already made an appointment with the city agency that takes care of big garbage pickups.

Our vacuum cleaner broke a while back and we weren't going to replace it, but then one of our neighbors who was moving out put one on the curb and I snatched it up. Felt like manna from heaven. It sure will make the final cleaning easier.

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