Monday, May 19, 2008


Speyer is about an hour south of here, but this was our first visit. The Speyer Cathedral is a World Heritage Site and was built in the 11th century. Can you imagine how it would have appeared to a pilgrim in that time? In the crypt there are some amazing carvings. This is one of the 4 Salien emperors buried there.
Also in Speyer is a large Technical Museum. The most fun part for us was the airplanes. This is the view from the crew area to the cargo hold of an old Antonov 22 - a Ukrainian cargo plane.
There's also an old 747, and you can explore it from the cargo hold to the first class cabin and cockpit up top! As you can see, you can also walk out onto the wing, which was fun, especially since the plane is displayed lifted high in the air. Then, to get down, there's an enormous twisty slide.
A little touch of home - in the automobile section there was a pevious winner of the Houston Art Car parade!

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