Thursday, May 1, 2008

Some random notes

Taking the train back from Italy with Mom and Abby, we shared a compartment on the Munich to Frankfurt leg with a very nice guy who said he'd done a high school term abroad in the U.S. I asked him where and he said it was a small town we probably hadn't heard of. Turns out to be Vilonia, Arkansas, just a few miles from Conway. Small world!

We don't have a car in Germany and are glad we don't. For one, gas here is about $8/gallon. Secondly, parking is very difficult in our neighborhood. I even saw a sign posted on a tree a couple of weeks ago "Young married couple seeking parking place." But I love these automated signs:

They tell drivers well in advance of what parking garages have spaces free, and how many. I should point out that I took this picture on a Sunday - on Saturdays the numbers are closer to 0.

I forgot to mention in my Barcelona post that we avoided 2 pickpocketing attempts in our first 15 minutes in the city. It can happen anywhere, but late at night in a subway station does seem to be about the worst.

Everything is closed here today for Labor Day, held on May 1 in Germany (and most other countries, I think).

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