Sunday, March 2, 2008

At the movies . . .

We went to see a movie today, my first in Germany. Here was the best part: the last of the set of commercials and previews was a commercial for ice cream. Then they brought up the house lights so a young woman could sell ice cream. Everyone waited patiently while she made her rounds (and she sold a LOT of ice cream) and then the lights dimmed again and the movie began.

Other differences - all seats are reserved, and those in the last couple of rows are doubles - sort of like love seats. They provide booster seats for kids (which didn't prevent Abby from sitting on my lap for the scary parts). Some things are the same - the popcorn and cokes are wildly overpriced (though the popcorn didn't look or smell fresh, so I wasn't even tempted) and they even sold nachos.

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