Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We're connected!

We finally have home phone and Internet access! After 2 months of using Internet cafes, we are relieved. If you need our number, shoot me an email.

A couple of random thoughts:
Adolph Hitler came to power 75 years ago today.

It is amazing to me how much play the American primaries get on the news here. On German radio and TV we hear who the winners and losers are, by how much, and what it might mean. It's hard to imagine American media taking that much notice of foreign elections.

This weekend is a big holiday here: Fasching. Germans say there are 5 seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter, and Fasching. It's a Carnival celebration, with parties, parades, and costumes. We'll report in - Abby has a school Fasching party on Friday, a kids' parade on Saturday, another on Sunday, and the big parades on Sunday (in Wiesbaden) and Monday (in Mainz). Schools are all closed and shops close early on Monday for Rosenmontag (Rose Monday).

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