Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Turkey quest

We're getting ready to host a Thanksgiving potluck for 13 or so in our flat. We've been scouring the local grocery stores for turkeys with no luck. Today I managed to locate one - no mean feat in a country where turkey is strictly for Christmas, and where turkey flocks were hit last week with avian flu. When I took it to the till, the clerk asked me why I was buying a turkey in November, and then asked me what Thanksgiving is, so checking out took a little longer than expected. I then dragged this poor bird up 6 floors of escalators and back down (we were in John Lewis, and I'd promised Abby we'd ride the escalators, not really expecting that we'd have a Thanksgiving turkey in tow along with all of our library books and her school bag), then outside, up to the upper level of the bus, through rush hour traffic, and then the two block walk to our flat. Luckily we ran into some of the students around the corner and Johnathan was kind enough to carry it the rest of the way. Then we had to clear out our dorm-sized refrigerator to make room for it, which meant I was practically force-feeding Abby cold food items. I did my part with the ice cream. Oops, we didn't really need freezer space, did we?

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