Friday, August 31, 2007

Tate Modern & grocery shopping

We spent today out in the city a bit more - we took double-decker buses to St. Paul's Cathedral. You can see Abby's excitement! We skipped the Cathedral today and walked across the Millenium pedestrian bridge to the other side of the Thames and visited Tate Modern (art museum). I expected this to be a complete dud with Abby, but they have great kids' activities! In the picture you can see Abby working on a jigsaw puzzle of one of the artworks hanging on the wall. On the reverse side is a matching game where kids match a face from a painting with a hand position in the painting and a color that represents the mood of the painting. It had never occured to me to do art appreciation with kindergarteners. In the end, I had to tell Abby that we had to leave - she was still having fun.

After some grocery shopping and dinner in our flat, we went to Regent's Park and enjoyed the rose gardens.

Grocery shopping is pretty much a daily occurrence here. For one thing, we have a small kitchen and a small fridge, so it doesn't pay to stock up. Secondly, we can only shop for what we can carry home. One thing I love about English grocery stores is the amount of ready-to-eat or nearly ready-to-eat dishes they have. Tonight I picked up a package of samosas (Indian pastry filled with spicy potatoes & other vegetables) to have as a side dish and they were very good. I was also happy to be able to buy jalapenos, tortillas, and salsa.

The students are beginning to trickle in. We'll see them all Monday morning, if not before.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


We had a great trip to Colorado to meet our new great-nephew Max, see our great-niece Ella, their parents Mark & Crissy, and visit friends Pete & Robin.

Yes, we really climbed to the top of that rock (though up the back side, not up the face!).